Sarah Eckersley

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Hi I'm Sarah! Based in London, I teach a variety of classes to groups and individuals across the Capital. Since discovering yoga in my mid-twenties, it has weaved its way throughout the fabric of my life, transforming my perspective and experience of everything life has to offer. 


My intention is to share this magical practice with others in the hope it can bring a greater sense of space within the body and a more balanced and positive shift within the mind, allowing you to live life better.

I truly believe that yoga is for everyone. All shapes, all sizes, all abilities. To make my classes as accessible as possible I teach a range of styles including Vinyasa, Mandala, Power, and Yin. I also offer meditation and breath-work sessions, so no matter what you’re looking for there is something for everyone.


Yoga is not about what you can do but about how it makes you feel, and it is this ethos that shapes my classes in the hope you feel elevated in body, mind and soul.


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