I am a big believer in the powerful combination of sport and yoga. As a yoga teacher to the England rugby team, previously the Harlequins rugby team as well as being married to an ex-playerI’ve spent 10 years observing the impact this amazing but highly impactful game has on the body. There are the obvious cuts and bruises but also broken bones, sprained joints, rips and tears, nasty knocks to the head and sometimes even surgery. Whilst the body’s ability to heal and bounce back is impressive, looking at my husband and his father, an ex-professional player for Scotland, it’s clear that a ‘healed’ injury in your 20’s can resurface later down the line. As such, I am a huge advocate for yoga amongst athletes – focusing on prevention as well as cure to encourage a happy and healthy body that can perform at its best.


Using yoga to supplement your chosen sport is a brilliant way of strengthening muscles – especially around the joints – which aids injury prevention. It’s also a great way to help heal injuries and bring your body back to its best. Depending on each sport the approach is different but there is something for everyone.


Whilst each classes focus is predominantly physical, there are many mental benefits too. Helping heighten each player’s focus, improve their concentration and encourage elements of mindfulness – a key factor for those under pressure – the Harlequins receive a 360-degree holistic approach to caring for their body. What’s more, the breath work we do can be used to help situations off the mat, such as calming the nerves pre-game.


If you’re an athlete and are interested in learning more about how yoga can be used to supplement your sport then please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Equally if you work or play at a sports club and are interested in adding yoga into your team’s training schedule  feel free to contact me.