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Sarah Eckersley

Hi guys, welcome into my little corner of the internet! My name is Sarah and I'm a qualified yoga teacher based in London. I appreciate the below is quite a long 'My Story' section but my intention is that it is insightful and helpful for you, wherever you are in life. 

I haven’t always been into yoga and ended up falling into it as way of coping with the stresses of my day job a few years ago.  Rewinding slightly to give you some context, after graduating university, I saved up some money and packed my bags to go travelling which was undoubtedly one of the best experiences of my life. Upon returning to the ‘real world’ however I felt more lost than I ever had when I was away and decided to set myself a new challenge – the only question was what? I decided to move to London and started to intern at various PR agencies, large and small where I met some fascinating people and gained exposure to a variety of cool experiences. During my third or fourth internship I was offered a permanent role and so my official life in PR began. It would be unfair to say that I didn’t like the job - I was able to meet people who I can now count as friends for life, I worked with a few celebrities which was always cool and my hard work was rewarded with a number of promotions in a short space of time. On paper it was all going swimmingly. However, inside I was emotionally exhausted and in the Summer of 2015, I actually burnt out and had to take time off for stress. Not so cool. Whilst I did go back to work, found a new job and did another 12 months this experience made me look to yoga - which I had started to practice on and off - as an ever-growing outlet to escape. 

When burn out hit I decided to embark on a three-day introductory course to teacher training at my local studio as I was, by that time, a firm believer in the emotional as well as physical healing the practice could bring. The three days were more of an emotional roller coaster than I expected but this time it was in a POSITIVE WAY and I emerged from the course feeling cleansed, stronger and happier in body and mind. It was at that point in time that the yoga teacher training seed was planted, and I seriously started to consider it as an option.  

Work life continued however, and I slowly started to feel all the positivity and clarity of mind I had experienced start to fade. Then one night whilst watching a programme on TV (Homeland of all things?!) one thing a character said hit me so hard and so fast that in that moment alone I knew that I needed to leave the PR world and set out on a deeper yoga journey. It was the ultimate light bulb moment and made me realise that, whilst PR is great and so many people are amazing at it, it was not for me. My nature is not compatible with that kind of industry and if I continued it would eventually burn me out past a point of return. So, after assessing my options and speaking to friends and family, whose opinions and wise words I valued, I did it. I took a deep breath and told my boss I was sadly calling it a day. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t terrified and it took me a long time to accept that I hadn’t failed but there was no doubt in my mind that I was doing the right thing. 

That isn’t to say the journey from there was a walk in the park. Training was tough and there were times when I thought everyone was better than me, that I wasn’t strong enough or that I just didn't want to do another long day (even though I felt more alive in those two months that I had in a long time). There were tears, tears of emotional release but also of laughter and joy. The journey was the most eye-opening adventure I had ever been on and it took place within myself. External concerns started to fade, and I learned to look inwards, healing relationships, calming fears and most importantly believing in myself. My yoga practice came on in leaps and bounds and I gained a whole new respect for the ancient tradition. I was able to find forgiveness towards others and forge brand new, sparkly friendships that will be with me for the rest of my life. 

Since completing my original training, I have gone on to do countless more in the UK and in India. I have taught multiple retreats abroad, worked with professional athletes, supported brand launches and met so many wonderful students who have made all of this possible.


I feel incredibly grateful and seek to share this practice with others in the hope that it brings the same space – in life, body and outlook – that it brought me. I truly believe yoga is for everyone and I aim to deliver classes that are accessible for all. There is zero judgement. Instead it is a space in which everyone feels welcome and able to be themselves for that little window of time each day.

Hopefully I’ll get to meet you on the mat soon!

Sarah x