Yoga Teaching Training | All You Need To Know

For those who are considering embarking on their yoga teacher training, congratulations!! That is so exciting! Whilst I think it's fair to say that anyone can go on this journey - whichever one that may be - from personal experience I believe that it is a decision that shouldn't be made lightly and before signing up to anything it is always good to consider a number of things. Please be aware that the factors I discuss below are based on my own experience and certainly shouldn't be taken as 'the rules' for teacher training but hopefully they will prove helpful for those who are considering going on this journey. Do your homework and trust your gut There are a lot of amazing programs out the

Yoga Teacher Training | My Story

If someone asked me to sum up my yoga teacher training experience in three words I wouldn't be able to do it. Five, ten or 15 words would also be tough! Why? Because it’s a journey, an amazing journey of self discovery with some of the biggest highs and some low lows that allow you to experience life changing shifts that are hard to convey with words alone. I decided to do my teacher training for a number of reasons however one of my main purposes was to find direction again. After nearly five years in the fast-paced, exciting but tiring world of PR I had become lost and confused about what it was I wanted out of life. I was tired of ticking the boxes and jumping through the hoops I had set

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