Online Classes

As we find ourselves living with, and constantly adapting to, COVID-19 I have curated an online schedule in the hope that we can come together and connect as a beautiful online community whilst respecting the distances we need to maintain.


Yang to Yin | 7.30-8.30pm

A beautifully curated vinyasa class designed to shift stagnant or negative energy that's accumulated in your mind and body over the course of the day. Towards the end of the practice we move into more gentle, restorative postures. The perfect evening wind down. 


Rise & Revive | 7.30-8.30am

Consisting of flowing movement and the power of your breath this class is designed to wake you up and bring you into the present moment. Think beautiful transitions, carefully grouped postures and a sprinkling of fun. Perfect for a mid-week pick me up. 


Rise & Shine | 7.30-8.30am

Start your day with this lovely uplifting flow. We start soft, giving your mind and body optimum time to wake up before shifting into a more dynamic flow designed to set you up for the day.

'I have tried a few yoga classes but Sarah's is the best because she helps you to relate to the spiritual element of yoga as well as clearly explaining the poses. I have been doing yoga with Sarah almost every week for over two years and it's improved my concentration and made me a happier person. I find her classes very inspiring and I don't feel right if I have to miss a week.'

Sonia, 31