My Belief

Yoga is so many things and I truly believe it is here to heal us. Be it in body or in mind, it serves us in a totally unique and amazing way that always makes us feel more positive and uplifted post practice. In a time when we are constantly expected to be available for work and social commitments our 'me' time is dwindling and burn outs, a lack of fulfilment and overall happiness are lacking. Subsequentley we feel ill and find ourselves unhappy yet yoga provides the perfect therapy to help rebuild our positive outlook, to help boost our health and to improve mindfulness, which can go a long way in improving our overall wellbeing. Whilst there's no denying that we all take something different away from the mat I don't doubt that all those who give yoga a go will start to feel better and in turn your  mind and body will start to reset, refresh and develop into a happier, healthier you.

My Approach

Whilst I focus on Power Yoga the combination of a flowing sequence and more static, restorative poses are tailored towards each individual. Every single practice is influenced by a range of factors, for example; what you are seeking from yoga, energy levels and mental outlook, your current physical state as well as more external influences such as the weather, to ensure that you come away feeling better, stronger and more balanced in body and mind. My aim is for you to love your practice, to look forward to it and to view it as a happy place, that whilst challenging, will help boost your overall wellbeing and provide a small window of calm. At the same time, I endeavor to help you reach any specific goals such as strength and conditioning, flexibility, injury prevention and healing.