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A collaboration with Sarah Eckersley & Sam Saint 

It brings me great joy to introduce you to The Art of Reconnection. A 90-minute workshop, transporting you from a place of disconnection and lack-luster to one of fun and creativity. 

Do you feel disconnected from your creativity? 

Are you lacking a sense of joy and fun in your life? 

Have your actions become influenced by what others may think as you’ve got older? 

Are you feeling flat and uninspired? 

If you answered yes to any of the above then I welcome you to
The Art of Reconnection

Taking place on Tuesday 13th July myself and Sam will combine the power of journaling with a fun artist’s workshop helping you transition from feeling flat and unimaginative to a more creative and inspired way of being.  


Through the magic of journaling, we will seek out your inner child, identifying the beliefs that have stifled your inner playfulness, the habits that are limiting your creativity and gain clarity on the things you can do to break free from these thoughts, creating a greater sense of flow and fun in your life. 

Following this journey of self-exploration, we will put some of this work into practice by embarking on a lighthearted artist’s workshop led by Sam Saint. An experienced facilitator, artist and creative wonder, Sam will guide you through a ‘Show and Tell’ themed still life drawing class, reconnecting you to your innate creativity and encouraging a sense of childlike wonder which often gets lost in adulthood. This playful approach to still life will encourage you to look closely at each other’s treasured items and - with an open mind - commit them to paper. Come as you are, with whatever materials you have at home - it is for all levels, all abilities. What matters is that you are seeking creativity and are willing to trust the process as Sam guides you through this fun yet very intentional practice. 

By the end of the workshop, you will have identified the reasons you have become disconnected to your inner child, gained a greater understanding of why you lost a sense of creativity and practiced how to stop overthinking and just letting your inspiration flow, lessons you can take into other areas of your life. 

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The Art of Reconnection will take place on Tuesday 13th July from
7-8.30pm over zoom.
Tickets are £15 and can be booked by clicking on the link below. 

We can’t wait to share an evening full of fun and inner work with you. 


Sarah & Sam